0-6 months

The first six months of a newborns life is some of the most exciting with leaps and bounds of personality and physical development. During this time babies will learn to sit on their own, and start exploring his world with his hands. To encourage early learning in your baby there are lots of bright and colorful toys to encourage grabbing, pushing, pulling, and interacting with the world. Safe educational toys for infants include cloth, wood, and plastic blocks, rattles, and phones; which encourage stacking and using household things.

During this time babies also have the tendencies to place everything in their mouth to explore them more. This is normal and even all right, but ensure that the toys and items the baby is allowed to have are rated for their age group. This is to be safe that the toy is designed to be safely in the mouth. Small parts can come and become a choking hazard, and materials need to not have hazardous materials made into them during construction. Play centers, gyms and swings are a great way for busy parents to safely care for their infant while providing them fun activities to keep active minds and hands busy. Many infants truly enjoy the rocking, bouncing motions provided by these types of toys and will strengthen their bodies while trying to encourage more activity out of each one.

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