1-2 Years

Between the ages of 1 and 2 your child really starts to develop their unique personality and watching them start to become their own person is very exciting. When shopping for the toddler years in this age group you need to remember the developmental milestones they will be achieving during this time and buy things which will encourage these skills.

Toddlers are increasingly becoming aware of who they are as well as other individuals outside of moms and dads. Encourage this awareness with educational toys and games, which teach body parts and communication.

Young toddlers also are becoming even more mobile and adept at manipulating things in their world. Building blocks, push toys, and toys which they can stack and experiment with are great for learning about the world around them.

There are also lots of books, DVDs, CDs, and other toys which will help the young inquisitive mind learn basics about animals, colors, sounds, and so much more. It is never too early to start reading together, so take the time to let your child ask questions and point to things in the book while asking questions of yourself to build up recognition in your child with his everyday world.

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