11+ Years

Toys for kids 11 and older need to inspire, educate, spark creativity, and must most of all compete with video games for our kid’s attention. With all the modern gadgets available to your child it is important to buy them toys which will promote continued learning and education. Just because they know how to read now does mean that the educational process has stopped. It actually has only just begun!

Game night with board games is a great way to sneak a little education in while having some fun as a family. Many games require counting and spelling which will help your child along further in math and reading skills. Also with modern families so pulled in different directions all the time, a game night is much-needed family time.

Science kits and mechanical toys are great diversions from the video games and battery operated world that many kids live in now. Once kids understand that these are the hardware and concepts behind the modern toys and gadgets their interests are sparked to learn more about the world that inspires the electronic gadgets they love. Arts and crafts are very inspirational and great for sparking the creative process within our kids. Studies are showing more and more then benefits of the arts have on the rest of your child’s education and learning.

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