5 Great Make Believe Toys for Your Kids

By Adam Thompson

If there is one thing that separates kids from adults it must be the imagination. Children love to imagine things � children can amuse themselves for hours playing make believe. There are many toys for make believe available, ranging from the ever popular make believe kitchen to newer applications such as the make believe office set.

The prices and quality of toys may vary, but more often than not your child will have a great time pretending to cook burgers or write an itinerary. Always remember that the fun is in the imagination, not the toys themselves.

Everybody knows about the kitchen. People use it every day, and kids have to learn about it eventually, so why not let them pretend while they are young? Toy kitchens usually come with items such as silverware, various condiments, vegetables, cola, and many more things to get the imagination running. Some play kitchens even have sinks that really run water!

If your plans are on a grander scale, you can consider a new type of toy called playhuts . Bring all your children and all their friends over, because they will have plenty of tunnels and different spaces to explore in this vast arrangement of nylon bagging and boxing. It can include a tube, a tent, and a clubhouse all in one package.

If there is a young crime stopper wannabe in your family maybe you should try a deluxe investigation set. It will give your child hours and hours of time to imagine new crimes and find the best way to solve them. Usually a crime stopper kit will include a flashlight, FBI badge, various other tools, and of course handcuffs. Let your child unleash their inner Sherlock Holmes!

If you want your child to become a master handyman, then the make believe construction set is definitely what you want. It includes a hammer, electric saw, nails, boards, and various other construction related materials. This is normally for boys who want to be just like their dad, but it might work for some girls too. You never know, your kid might help construct the next great skyscraper.

Puppet theaters are another great choice for developing your kid’s imagination. Creating characters and story lines and putting on performances for friends and family allows the child to use their imagination to the fullest. If you are on a low budget, you can always try the sock puppet route. Set up a cardboard box for their theater and buy a few various craft materials for the puppets so they can customize and create to their hearts’ desire.

Hopefully you have found at least one toy to brighten your child’s day. Imagination is one of the best things a child can use and these toys will really help them get their creative juices flowing. Whether it be construction, cooking, making puppets, or any other imaginary activity your child is sure to have fun and become very creative.