6-7 Years

This is a very fun time in your child’s life with the growing independence and a better understanding of their potential place in the world play takes on a whole new meaning. For this age group some of the toys from the previous years are still lots of fun. Wooden blocks, puzzles, pretend play games are still great fun. On the other hand kids between 6 – 8 years old are ready for more challenging toys and games. Board games can be more intricate and are a great activity that many families plan one night a week to spend as a family playing these games with no outside distractions.

Kids in this age group also enjoy remodeling their rooms with fun colors, themes, and designs. Now that they are “big kids” it is time to get a more grown-up room that fits their personality and style. Find fun room décor and childrens furniture to decorate for boys and girls.

Learn while doing is great for kids at this age. Science and Math are becoming increasingly interesting and the younger you can encourage learning in these areas the better they will do in the future with their studies.

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