Arts and Crafts Supplies and Projects

Keep your little one’s busy at home with creative arts & crafts supplies. Kids art easels is great for painting. Put in your backyard or garage with newspaper underneath and never worry about your carpet getting paint again! Combine with an art apron to protect your child’s clothes! Washable paint keeps art time worry free. Be sure to wash right away though! Your older children will enjoy spreading their creative wings with the face painting, silk painting, and creative weaving arts and craft kits!

More and more studies are showing that the creative process sparked by the arts carries over into the other aspects of your child’s education. The creative process is very similar to problem solving skills, and learning to find alternative paths to a goal is a great skill, which will help your child advance further in their studies.

We have so many arts and crafts kits that you are sure to find one that fits your child’s age group and interests. From painting sets to bead kits and more we have the art supplies needed to make art time at home fun time for both parents and kids.

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