Dollhouse – A Doll House To Call Home

Girls of all ages have fallen for the charm of a doll house long before they started dreaming about their knights in shining armor. Perhaps its exquisite design and craftsmanship makes it very popular among girls. Does this mean that young boys have less sophisticated taste in toys? If boys are not as much attracted to doll houses as the girls, then why some boys become carpenters?

Boys typically like to play with trucks and cars, while girls typically prefer to play with dolls and of course doll houses. One possible explanation is that boys and girls are socialized and encouraged to play with different types of kid toys by their parents as well as by the society in general. Another school of thought claims that the difference in toy preferences has a biological origin. Nevertheless, the varied explanations about boys’ and girls’ toy preferences have never affected the charm and beauty of doll houses.

What makes doll houses different among other kids toys available in the market? Miniature models of dwelling places have existed for thousand of years making it the one of the oldest type of toys. Miniature models of houses have been found in Egyptian tombs and pyramids. This fact only adds to the mystique of Kidkraft doll houses. Likewise, in 14th century Europe, intricately designed and hand-crafted wooden doll house furniture were reserve only for the elite. Wooden doll house furniture were only made available to the public after the Industrial Revolution because of mass production. The evolution of design of doll houses is largely influenced by the preferences of the market, the availability of materials, and the methods of construction.

One characteristic of a doll house that gives it its unique appeal is its ability to bring its patrons back in time. You can choose a doll house and theme it around a particular era. The following are examples of a period doll house.

  • Victorian Doll House
  • Georgian Doll House
  • Tudor Doll House

The design of the Victorian doll house reflects the attitude of the people during the period. Victorians showed their wealth by displaying and showing them off to as many people as possible. Victorian doll houses have large rooms that can contain as many furniture and ornaments as you like.

The Georgian doll house is very much influenced by the neoclassical style. These dollhouses are large and attractive and are the most common. There are three main themes for a Georgian doll house which include the Greece and Rome, Terraces and Town Houses, and the Palladianism and Country Houses.

The last but not the least is the Tudor doll house. This type of doll house is definitely a collector’s item. It is absolutely wonderful display piece, it perfectly reflects the image of a Tudor house: white building encased in black timbers with roof covered with thatch, tiles or slate.

Kidkraft doll houses have innate beauty and charm common to art masterpieces. There is a wide variety of doll houses in the market today for you to choose from. Why not buy and own one and experience the charm of doll houses yourself.