Educational Software

We now bring for you and your young one great audio and visual aids, which will engage your child and help the child learn faster. Now the text book and the black board of the traditional classroom have been supplemented by many other media of instruction: CDs, visual aids, teaching machines, audio tapes, language CDs educational software, and DVDs.

Automated forms of learning have been widely diffused in all the developed countries of the world as their tireless capability for repetition is especially useful in the early stages of learning. Audio tapes have the advantage over live classroom teaching that they can be stopped, repeated according to child’s convenience. Repetition and imitation underlie the learning of speech. Instructional tapes have been widely used in all developed countries. Educational software about math and science also have advantages over live classroom teaching. They can be edited so as to emphasize relevant points. Instructional video tapes, in which information from many sources is brought together, are very useful in the process of learning.

Educational software stimulate, motivate and as well as arrest the child’s attention while the process of learning is going on. The process of teaching through these aids has a very positive effect on the young minds. Teaching aids are especially helpful while teaching the concepts that require explanation. After studying with the help of visual aids the retention period increases and the child remembers what he saw for longer time than usual.

Visual aids improve on the education as it catches attention and improves retention. Also motion pictures are more effective and impressive. Audio visual aids involve both the senses; eyes to read, ears to listen, thus resulting in memorable study. These aids have collected information accompanied with audio lessons which registers the facts in the young brains without much stress. Many preschools as well as elementary schools practice teaching with these aids taking in account their positive effects and good results. Make your child’s future positive with educational software.