Encouraging Your Child To Write

Most children enjoy learning if the teaching process is fun and exciting. Children love to create, they love to play, and they enjoy helping around the house. Combining these elements into learning can help your child through the most difficult academic struggles. A number of young children experience difficulties as they first begin to write. Both writing and creative writing are influential to future success, happiness, and well-being.

Writing is a basic part of everyday life. We write notes, grocery lists, checks, and letters. Allow your child to be a part of those ordinary writing activities. Your young writer will enjoy helping out by making out the grocery list. Ask him for his input as you decide what items you need.

Make play checks out of plain paper and collect a few envelopes. When you pay your bills, let your child write out his own checks. This fun role-playing activity not only encourages writing, but teaches your child how to address an envelope and gives him an understanding of how to write a check, both valuable lessons for the future. This activity can also be used to help your child learn his address.

Encourage your child to write letters. Writing to Santa or the Easter Bunny can motivate a child to pick up a pencil. If you have long distance relatives, let her write to them about an exciting event like loosing a tooth. Letters to favorite television characters, singers, or athletes can be fun for young children as well as more experienced writers. Incorporate the use of technology into writing. Allow your child to use the computer to email letters to her grandparents or friends.

When your little one is first learning to write, provide a comfortable, sturdy surface for her to practice at. Age appropriate furniture, like the Galt kids table and chairs, is the perfect height for your child to write, color, or play. Making a special area just for her may spark more of an interest in writing.

As your child gets older and expands his vocabulary, more advanced writing activities can prove to be fun. Use simple games to promote writing and creativity. Select a category like foods or animals and write a word that fits that topic for every letter A to Z. This game can even be used to review history or geography by making the category states or presidents.

Have him make his own collectible character cards. He can create his own super heroes and draw their pictures on index cards. Then let him write a short description of the character and list his special powers. This activity stimulates the imagination and can provide hours of fun. Your child can even develop games with his new trading cards.

Encourage your child to keep a daily journal. Some children will enjoy writing about their day and their feelings. For those who are not interested in writing about themselves each day or those who may have trouble thinking of something to write, encourage a fiction journal. Your child can pretend to be whoever or whatever he pleases and write about his adventures. Make writing fun and your child will look forward to it.

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