Creative Ways to Display Your Child’s Artwork

Most children create tons of art, craft projects, and other masterpieces to display around the house. Whether these creations are made at school or at home with an art easel like the Guidecraft 4 in 1 Flipping Table Top Easel, your child will want to keep several of them to show off to family and friends.
The typical way to display your child’s artwork is on the refrigerator or possibly hanging on their bedroom door, but what do you do when you run out of room and your little one can’t bear to throw his works away? Try a few of these creative ideas to display your kid’s masterpieces!

  1. If your child has an art center at home, hang a bulletin board on one wall to display pictures. A cork board can also be placed in your child’s bedroom to show off those great creations.
  2. Help your child decorate a plain wooden frame with her artwork. Frame a special piece and give it as a gift to a close friend or relative.
  3. Consider having extra special works of art put onto a mug, t-shirt, or a tote bag for yourself, your child, or as a gift for grandparents.
  4. Help your child go through his artwork and craft projects to pick the best creations. Set a limit of 5 or 6 pieces per school year and make your child choose his favorites.
  5. Keep a portfolio of his work.
  6. If you can’t throw it away, but you don’t have room to keep it, take pictures of your child’s artwork. Instead of displaying your child’s artwork on the wall or the fridge, create an artwork scrapbook with the pictures.
  7. File boxes are great for storing flat artwork that you and your child would like to keep. Use plastic bins with lids to store dimensional projects or other work that doesn’t lay flat.
  8. Use your child’s artistic creations to wrap gifts for any special occasion. You can even use the pieces to liven up a tissue box, a storage container, or a toy box.
  9. Hold a special art show featuring a display of your child’s artwork. Hang or place some of your kid’s favorite pieces around the living room. You can even serve refreshments and invite grandparents to attend this special event. Be sure to video tape your child’s artwork for a lasting memory.
  10. Make personalized calendars with your child’s artwork. Make your own calendar or purchase a blank calendar and attach the pictures to each month. Displaying your child’s artwork throughout a year long calendar makes another great gift for relatives!
  11. Attach your child’s artwork to a plain mouse pad for a creative twist on displaying your kid’s artwork at work.
  12. Customize placemats or serving trays with your child’s masterpieces. Attach a favorite picture to construction paper or poster board and laminate for a simple placemat.
  13. Provide your child with frames throughout the house to display his artwork in. Simple construction paper mats can line the hallway or the stairs to the basement, allowing your child to show off his creations. Standard frames or frames decorated by your child can be scattered throughout the house to make his art visible to all.
  14. For a unique kid’s table, place artwork across the tabletop and secure it with a clear crafting paste.

The possibilities for preserving, remembering, and displaying your child’s artwork are endless! Get creative and let your little one’s artistic talents shine for all to enjoy!